Manage your Volunteer Opportunity Listings

Posting and Updating Opportunities in the Database


New opportunities are reviewed posted within 7 business days of the request. Once posted, potential volunteers can view searching the database by organization, area of interest, youth volunteering, keywords, or the most recent postings. If you had a past opportunity that you would like to update and post again, you can also send us an email to request a link to the update form, or use an update link you have been sent by email in the past to update the listing and ask for it to be restored.

Although there is no time limit for Volunteer Opportunity postings, listings must stay current to remain in the database. You may periodically receive an email asking you to review your listing(s), generally every 12-18 months. Check that we have the correct email address for your listing, and if necessary alter your junk email filters to ensure that you do not miss these requests. You may also request an update to your listing at any time by using the "Suggest and Update" link in the listing.

Post an Opportunity Now!

Make Your Listings Count

In order to get the most out of posting your opportunity to our database, please ensure that you fill out all applicable fields in our posting form, paying particular attention to information used in searching and volunteer profile matches, including at least:

  • a clear and descriptive position title
  • contact information for the position
  • a detailed description of the duties and benefits of your position
  • important dates, such as the application deadline, start and end date, and when the listing should be removed (display until)
  • the communities or regions you expect to draw your volunteers from
  • any age restrictions or recommendations
  • select all suitable groups that would be a good fit for your position (such as groups, families, newcomers, or students)
  • the expected length of commitment
  • all appropriate area of interest categories
  • prefered and required skills & experience

Connecting with Volunteers

Organizations must manage communications with potential volunteers. Your Agency, and the potential volunteer, will receive an email with contact information when a potential volunteer expresses interest in your position. Please follow up promptly with your potential volunteers to explain any further information you require and your application process. You may need to alter your junk email filters to allow emails from the database.

Volunter Coordinators Network

Are you a member of our local Volunteer Coordinators Network? You are welcome to join us!

Volunteer Coordinators Network promotes:

  • communication and support among persons involved in the administration of volunteers
  • ongoing education of people involved in the administration of volunteers
  • the importance of volunteerism in the community
  • the administration of volunteers as a profession
  • advocacy on behalf of the voluntary sector